Scholarship Fund
Introducing the

WFHS Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

     Several alumni have felt the need to open the door for a mechanism to bring multiple generations of Coyotes together and partner with Midwestern State University (MSU) for years to come. The Alumni Association Fund's mission is to invest in People and Programs which enable Wichita Falls students and faculty to achieve their academic and personal potential.
     Working in partnership with Midwestern State University administration, the WFHS Alumni Association will focus on three areas of Support and Recognition.
    Those three areas of Support will be:

    1.    Graduates who are in need of financial assistance to pursue post-secondary education  in pursuit of their chosen life dreams;
    2.    Faculty and staff seeking assistance through workshops, continuing education or programs targeted to reach students described above;
    3.    Students currently enrolled in MSU who are identified as being in need of some type of support to complete their education and pursue their life dreams.

It's All About People -

Whether as 1) a memorial in honor of a classmate, teacher or family member, or
 2) simply an expression of appreciation for what WFHS has meant to you -
all donations are fully tax deductible and will be recognized appropriately.
Graduates and friends of WFHS can support the Alumni Associatin Fund by donating either by credit card below
or by mailing a check payable to Start 2 Achieve Foundation
c/o Raymond Wallander, 988 Uintah Bluffs Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.
Credit/Debit card information will not be asked for until STEP 3 of the process.