Military Service
      We are proud to Honor those who have served
in the US Armed Forces. 
Thank you for your Service.
RD3 Michael Henry Albritton, US Navy 
Reserve, USS Yellowstone 1967-1968,
Currently CW4, Texas State Guard,
serving in the US Army

Johnny Carr0ll Anderson
US Navy

Jackie Don Ashlock, US Army
National Guard
CPT. Jerry L. Barnes, US Army
1969-1972  Vietnam Veteran
HM2 Don Thompson Bates, US Navy,
SSGT Ronnie Van Bentley, US Army,
Vietnam Veteran  10-13-65 - 11-30-89

Joe Bindel, US Navy
1968-1972  Vietnam Veteran
SSGT. Dave Nils Bonnot, US Air Force,
Vietnam Veteran  1970-1971,  1969-1973
YN2 Dwaine Larry Bowman, US Navy,
Vietnam Veteran  1967-68
Capt. Roy Glenn Brannon, US Army
Alton Wayne Brewer, US Army,
Vietnam Veteran

E 5 Cliff Brown, US Navy
AQB2  1967-1971
Vietnam Veteran

MM3 Larry Cleveland, US Navy
9-1965 - 9-1969
E5 Ronald (Ron) Douglas Criswell
US Marine Corps Reserve 1967-1973
Intelligence Photo Interpreter
Ltc Joe Dean, US Army 1967-1979;
Chief of Gastroenterology and Fellowship Program,
Brook Army  Medical Center;
Fifth Army Consultant;
Director Repatriated Prisoner of War Services for Vietnam Vietnam Veteran (Army)

Michael Barry Dillon, US Navy

CPL. Charles Kenneth (Chuck) Dixon, Jr.
 US Marine Corp.  Vietnam Veteran

Lt. Robert (Bob) Edwards, US Army,

Corp. Phillip B. Essary, Jr, US Army, 1968
Maj. Michael (Mike) James Ford,
US Air Force, 1977-1979
SP5 David Garfield
US Army Artillery  1966-1968  Vietnam
Capt. John R. Girdley, US Army, 1969-1973
Vietnam Veteran,  Helicopter Pilot

Spc 5 Ray Gonzalez   US Army
Vietnam Veteran 1967-1969
Purple Heart recipient

E4 Gary Gregg, US Army, 1964-1967,
Vietnam Veteran 1965-1966
GM3 Frank Harvey, US Navy  Vietnam Veteran
Phillip W.Haubert (Phil), US Navy
Vietnam Veteran 1968-1972
CW4 Edward Lynn Hinch, US Army
10-28-68 - 5-80
US Army Reserves 12-81 - 3-95
SPC5 David Holcomb, US Army National Guard
ATCS Donald (Don) Wayne Holder, US Navy  
   Vietnam Veteran
SSgt. Michael L. Jenkins, US Air Force
1969-1973  Bergston AFB, Austin, TX.
Cpt. Dale Johnson
US Army Helicopter Pilot D Troop,
3/5 Air Cav.  Vietnam Veteran 1970-1971
E5 Johnny Johnston, Us Army,
1966-1968 Ft. Ord, California
SP5 Wilburn Lear, US Army, 1968-1971
Robert Louis Lennard, US Army
Edward Douglas Lowe, US Army, 1965
Delver Maney, US Navy
David Leon Marley, US Navy
Aboard US Saratoga 1966-1968
Navy Reserves until 1970
Ken Gebhard Martin, US Army,
 Vietnam Veteran

Ray Martin, E4 U.S. Army Reserves
Honolulu and Dallas (Finance) 3 years;
Texas National Guard-Austin (Band) 3 years

Lt. Col. Benjamin (Ben) Earl Moody, Jr.,
 US Marine Corp.,US Air Force Reserve,
 Vietnam Veteran
Paul B. Morales Vietnam Veteran
Joe R. Nieto, US Army, Vietnam Veteran
SP/4 Gene Neptune, US Army
 Vietnam Veteran

Corp Joe Coyler Nowlin
US Marine  Vietnam Veteran

1st Lt. Theodore (Ted) Alexander Norwood, Jr.

U S Army 1968-70,
I Corp Vietnam 1969-70
MACV Advisor to South Vietnamese Combat Troups

Lt. Col. Tom Parker, DDS, US Air Force
1972-74  Vietnam Veteran
2002-04 Volunteered after 9-11-2001

Lt. Col. Gary Parks
US Army and US Army Reserves Rtd.
Southeast Asia Tour Reconnaissance Pilot

    Kenneth Wayne Pearson, US Army 
 National  Guard

Corp Mickey Pemberton, US Marines
6 Month Cruise  1969-71

Jack (Jackie) Milo Pennington, US Army,

Raymond Perez, US Army
SGT, 5th Special Forces Group
Vietnam, 1966-1968
Pete Poore, Vietnam Veteran
SP5 John Rhoads, US Army, Vietnam Veteran

Stan Rhone    
US Navy     ETN-3      1965-69

Preston Gordon Ribnick
US Army

A3C Charles Dale Ross, Sr. US Air Force
Vietnam Veteran

Jerry A. Ross  US Navy
Radar Man on Destroyer
Vietnam Veteran

SP5 Lynn Shaver, US Army
1968-70  X-Ray Specialist

SSGT.  Charles (Chuck) Milton Sims,
    US Army
E6 Pete Gilbert Allen Smith,
Vietnam Veteran
3 Yrs. US Marines
20 Yrs. US Army
SP4Gene Ramon Stanford, US Army
Vietnam Veteran 1966-1969

HM3 Dale Teichman, USN Corpsman, 1966-1972,
FMF Corpsman 1/7, Marines, Vietnam Veteran 1967-1968

SGT. Johnny Lynn Tidwell, US Army
CPO Mike Wagoner, USN,
Radioman Air Crew Recon with 23 years service
Joe Lee Woodward, US Army Nat'l Guard, 

Spc4 George (Nickie) Youngblood
US Army  1966-68
Served inKorea

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