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Here is where you may upload photos for all to see and enjoy from elementary days until now. We have room for more more photos so share your fondest memories or your proudest moments today. If you have trouble uploading check the option shown below for help. 


"We Are The Senior Class of 1964.
Once you have seen us, you couldn't ask for more.
Spirit, Courage, and all the Rest;
No wonder they call us the Greatest Class,
the very, very Best. Hey!
Together in the Future as in the Past,
We will be True until the very Last.
Watch us always: Follow us to Fame,
And Remember our Glorious Name.
We invite you to add photos from the years past - Grade School, Junior High and High School.
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55th Reunion Memories
Alamo Elementary
Alamo Elementary 5th Grade
Alamo 5th grade homeroom
Alamo 5th grade autographs
Alamo 6th grade
Alamo 6th grade autographs
Alamo 7th grade
Ben Franklin Elementary School
First Grade Class. Do you recognize any of these classmates?
Second Grade Class.  Who are these young Coyotes?
Third Grade Class.  Has anyone changed since first Grade?
Michael B. Dillon and Keith Garrison.  Do these two look like Double Trouble?
1958 Little Rocketes
Ben Franklin - 7th Grade Class Photo
Bonham Elementary
Bluebirds Picture 1955, Bonham Elementary.  Can you find the ones listed? Those  pictured: Iva Rae Skaggs, Sherry Gayle Wright, Jan Carol Fudge, Pamilia West, Mary Frances Miller, Ann Sternadel, Diane Smith, Susan Lloyd, Carol Ann Gray, Mrs. Nell McCreary
Bluebirds 1955 ,Bonham Elementary.  Iva Rae Skaggs, Mary Frances Miller, Jan Carol Fudge, Ann Sternadel, Rose Mary  Worrell, Susan Lloyd, Diane Smith, Sherry Gayle Wright, Carol Ann Gray.
Bowie Elementary School
Bowie 6th Grade Class.  Who do you recognize?
Bowie 4th Grade Class.  Arent they cuties?
Bowie 7th Grade Class. All grown up and ready for Jr. High.
Crockett Elementary School
5th Grade
This is my 4th grade class at Crockett still in its original folder with autographs.
7th Grade - Miss Terry
Crockett First Grade
Uploaded Frank Harvey
Crockett Mrs. Gilberts Class Names
Can you find yours?
Grade 4 Crockett.
Remember any of these???
Miss Hills 7th Grade Class
Second Grade Class
Dont they look eager to learn?
Crockett / Grade 6 / 1957 / Miss Hill
Fain Elementary School
Fifth Grade Class.  A good looking group coming up!
Fain Sixth Grade Class.  Who are these future Coyotes?
Harrell Elementary School
Leah Allen Van Driest
6th Grade Picture
Blue Birds at Harrell Grade School.
Several from the Class od 1964.
Lamar Elelmentary School
Don Holder Dancing Bop to Rock Around the Clock.!
Me in the 6th grade.
Lamar 4th Grade.
Seeing several I recognize!  How about you?
Lamar 5th Grade Class.
We are getting bigger!
6th Grade Class.  Almost ready for Junior High!
Sam Houston Elementary
Sam Houston 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade
Sam Houston
Sam Houston
Other Grade Schools
Rita Barron Salter 6th Grade Iowa Park Elementary.
Leah Allen Van Driest, First Grade.
St. Paul Lutheran
Jr. High Years-Barwise, Reagan, Zundy.
Don Holder at Barwise Jr. High
Leah Allen Van Driest 9th Grade at
Zundy Jr. High
Wichita Falls High School Years!
From Graduation Until Today!
From the Beginning to Now.....
1914 Annual
1914 Title Page
1914 Annual
1914 Annual
1914 Annual
1920 Annual Page
1920 Principal, S.H. Ryder
Sweet memories - Howard, Gayla & Pam in NYC
My husband, Buddy Salter & I