October 25, 2019
2 months and 1 Day left
until our reunion.

RED ALERT! - Hold the Dates -
October 25-27, 2019


     This is NOT a test.  This is to advise you that a (somewhat) Major Event is headed your direction and you need to take action ASAP! The first ever Coyote Roundup is moving quickly and if you fail to heed this notice you might miss it. Please don't waste your time trying to ascertain exactly what a Coyote Roundup is and why you need to get off the couch to respond before it passes you by. It's more than a reunion.

     The 55th reunion takes place Friday night, October 25th, at the Coyote Ranch Resort
https://www.coyoteranchresort.com and will be followed by a Bigger Than Life Birthday Party for Old High Saturday, October 26th. We know it's hard to believe, but she is 95 years old - having been built in 1924. So, you see, we thought it only appropriate to include tImagehe entire WFSH family in this celebration. Details for the celebration will be forthcoming.

     Finally, our 55th reunion will conclude Sunday morning, October 27th, with a brunch. Details for the brunch, like the details for everything else will be posted ASAP. So, you obviously can't this RED ALERT.  Just keep watching this space and checking your email for continuing advisements.


For those of you have time and energy, or who simply have good ideas, please feel free to email us at our very own email (wfhs64coyotes@gmail.com) and we will have someone bugging you in no time whatsoever.

Also, please take a minute to respond to the questions below so we might have some idea of just how many BBQ ribs to prepare. And if you need to update your information on our site you can simply click on "Edit your profile" on the Roll Call page.

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