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Mary Rhoads
Joyce Martini
Jim Ann McGrath (McGrath)
Ann Ann McGrath (McGrath)
Ann McGrath
Jim McGrath
Sean McGrath
Renee Stewart (Christie)
Milton Powell
Patti (Elder) Gray
Dale Griffis
Cheryl Tidwell
Johnny Tidwell
Andy Stanford
Gloria Stanford
Jean Hudgeons (KKnight)
Jean Hudgeons (Knight)
Karen Roan-McClure
Jack McClure
David Garfield
Teresa Garfield
Dianne Brannon
Roy Brannon
Jan Clark (Poore)
Jan Poore
Birta Barnes Deaton
Gladys Martini
Patti Elder (Gray)
Patti Elder Gray
Diane Christie
Jerry Barnes
Birta Barnes (Deaton)
Don Holder
Treva Lowry (Schlumpf)
Cheryl Francis (A.+Smith)
Connie Camp (Phillis)
Jimmy Anderson
Doug Lincoln
Patsy Lincoln
Rose McGinty
Treva Schlumpf
Tommy Schlumpf Jr
Cheryl Francis (Smith)
Cheryl Francis’s (Smith)
Cheryl Smith
Carol Wallander
Raymond Wallander
Diane Smith (Christie)
John Rhoads
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