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Ted A. Norwood, Jr.
Lancaster TX Retired Divorced 2014-05-07 10:34:36
Ron Stockstill
Cape Girardeau MO Pathologist Married 5 2014-05-07 10:50:19
Hello Fellow Coyotes-After graduating from WFHS,I spent 4 years in Austin at UT,then 14 years in Dallas doing med school, residency, Air Force(Carswell AFB)and then pathology hospital practice.I moved to Memphis in 1982 and by 2011 decided that Forbes Magazine was right by concluding that Memphis was the most miserable US city in which to live.Not ready to quit practicing pathology yet and tired of big cities,we found a regional hospital in a small town and moved to Cape Girardeau,Mo. in 2012.Melissa,my wife of 15 years,and I share 5 children.We enjoy pets,gardening,reading,snow sking(blue slopes),scuba diving.snorkeling and beach combing.I am looking at retirement in about 3 years.I am grateful for the great public education we got before the feds dumbed the system down.Our Memphis home closing(on the market for 20 months) and moving the residual furniture will prevent us from attending the reunion but it is good to get it sold!Have a great reunion!
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Wichita Falls TX Retired - HVAC Fabrication Single Again 2014-05-05 18:22:21
Hello to all OLD HIGH classmates.Hope life has been kind to you.I wish you well. Send DALE  a MessageSend DALE a Message
Milton Powell
Dallas TX Architect Married 2 2014-05-03 17:10:25
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Jim Gardner
Profile picture
Salem OR Simi retired Landlord/State Worker Married 4 2014-05-06 07:09:39
I served in the US Armyin Vietnam, Germanyand Ft Belvoir (Combat engineer, Electrician, and Operations Sergeant) 13 years as US Forest Service and BLM Smoke jumper in Alaska and Oregon.  A couple of years on the Alaska Pipeline, 25 years as a maintenance contractor and Electrician. I currently work on my rentals and am employed by the State of Oregon. I have a beautiful wife and family.  My hobbies are my family, running and working out, high country back packing/ fishing, and finally work.  I was a hobby pilot but haven't flown for a few years. It's really good I enjoy working because I need to.
I would love to see all of you at the reunion but that probably is not in the cards.

� Go
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Bonnie Shipman (Cotten)
Garland TX Retired Widowed 1 2014-04-28 16:40:54
I moved to the Dallas area in 1965 where I met my late husband in 1970 on a blind date!  We had one son who is 43 now!!  I spent most of my life working as a secretary:  Collins Radio (7 yrs), Texas Instruments (17 yrs), OxyChem (7 years), plus other companies.  If I don't see you at the Reunion please know I'm thinking of everyone and know it will be a fabulous time! Send Bonnie a MessageSend Bonnie a Message
Betty Jo Green (VanHouten)
Wichita Falls TX Retired SBC Married 3 2014-04-21 09:57:30
Thanks for the cards, Claudia, Jan & Patti and thanks for the call Mary. Now of the many that Ill be happy to see let's find Bill Brasher, Jimmy Meredith and Chris Howard! Send Betty Jo a MessageSend Betty Jo a Message
Dale L Teichman
Wichita Falls TX Retired - HVAC Fabrication Single Again 2014-04-26 12:45:13
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Gary Parks
Weatherford TX Airline, Military, and FAA Pilot Married 2 2014-04-14 22:58:53
I have run a long way since my senior year, and have enjoyed a great adventure in the process. My treck took me through MSU to the US Army for an exciting Southeast Asia tour as an unarmed reconnaissance pilot, finally retiring from the Army Reserves as a Lt. Col. after 25 years. Life also allowed me a wonderful career as an Airline Captain and Check Pilot in Boeing 737s for over 20 years, and finally as a representative of the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller, Aircraft Accident Investigator, and Check Pilot in B-737s over 25 years, (when I finally retire in 2016).  If I had not had overlapping careers I would be now be 93 years of age (if you are adding the numbers). Along the way, I met my soul mate, Megan (got that right the second time around), but it has ALL been a wonderful "character building" experience which continues today on our small horse ranch of "endless chores". Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Wichita Falls TX Retired Banker Married 3 2014-04-14 17:33:13
Considering all the notable situations we endured while in high school, it will be
refreshing to remember what we think happened compared to actuality.  Now that
should provide a good laugh.  I don't beleive my memory is working that great these days.
Looking foward to seeig everyone.
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