Here is where you may upload photos for all to see and enjoy from elementary days until now. We have room for more than 350 more photos as of November, 2019, so share your fondest memories or your proudest moments today. If you have trouble uploading check the options shown below for help. 

We were United  in  "One Spirit" 
From three Junior High Schools, several Different Grade Schools
in Wichita Falls, Other Cities and Other States.
"We Are The Senior Class of 1964.
Once you have seen us, you couldn't ask for more.
Spirit, Courage, and all the Rest;
No wonder they call us the Greatest Class,
the very, very Best. Hey!
Together in the Future as in the Past,
We will be True until the very Last.
Watch us always: Follow us to Fame,
And Remember our Glorious Name.
We invite you to add photos from the years past -
Grade School, Junior High and High School.
If you cannot, please send to our class email :
or snail mail:
P anderson
1803 West Main St. El Dorado, AR. 71730
and they will be added and returned.
Thank you.
Cake befitting 95 years of Old High

55th Reunion Memories

Through Rain, Wind, Snow and Dark of Night we gathered at the Coyote Ranch Resort and lifted our glasses as we shared our 'favorite' memories.
Alamo Elementary 5th Grade

Alamo Elementary

Only in Texas would we have a School Named "Alamo".  I wonder how many have played a part in our Texas History?
First Grade Class. Do you recognize any of these classmates?

Ben Franklin Elementary School

Was this the Dime Store or the School?   Let me know what you think?
Bluebirds Picture 1955, Bonham Elementary.  Can you find the ones listed? Those  pictured: Iva Rae Skaggs, Sherry Gayle

Bonham Elementary

Bonham, Texas was named for James Bonham who died in the Battle of the Alamo.  He also has a WW II Ship named in his honor.  Wichita Falls has alot to share thru our school system and the names chosen.
Bowie 6th Grade Class.  Who do you recognize?

Bowie Elementary School

How did Bowie get its name. Can any one tell me?
5th Grade

Crockett Elementary School

Crockett Rocketts? Do I have this right?  Apparently not, as It was called to my attention they were called the Leathernecks in Boys Club Football.  I kinda like Rocketts, but I was not the Football Player!!!!
Fifth Grade Class.  A good looking group coming up!

Fain Elementary School

Who do you recognize from Fain? Were any of them a Pain?
Leah Allen Van Driest  6th Grade Picture

Harrell Elementary School

Send a picture for this album and lets see how many students loved Harrell?
Don Holder Dancing Bop to "Rock Around the Clock."!

Lamar Elelmentary School

I loved going to Lamar and OUR Teachers were the Best!
Rita Barron Salter 6th Grade Iowa Park Elementary.

Other Grade Schools

As we gathered at WFHS we did not all come from area Grade Schools and Junior High Schools.  Be apart with this album. Send your photos!
Don Holder at Barwise Jr. High

Jr. High Years-Barwise, Reagan, Zundy.

These were the years we first became a teen and you will see that in these pictures.  Didn't we have innocent and sweet faces!
Our Rings!

Wichita Falls High School Years!

Memories from High School..some funny...some pretty...some happy...some silly...some sad...Whatever they are we will enjoy seeing them!
My son Eric, Me my daughter Marcia and little Nathaniel at the Albright family reunion June 2013.

From Graduation Until Today!

See what your classmates look like today!   Send us your picture and we will add to this album.  This just might help at the Reunion!
1914 Annual

From the Beginning to Now.....

These are pictures recieved from the past that are a part of Wichita Falls High Schools History.  The Past brings us to the present.